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Photographer Christine McConnell explore her ancestry by recreating portraits of the women from her family line in a series titled Seven Generations of American Women (Following My Maternal Line). Using herself as her own model, the artist replicated images of her ancestors, dating back to nearly 200 years.

Kathryn (b. 1957) – Mother – Mildred (b. 1928) – Grandmother – Attie Mae (b. 1898) – Great-grandmother – Jane (b. 1858) – Great-great-grandmother – Martha (b. 1821) – Great-great-great-grandmother – McConnell also includes a portrait of her « daughter » Trigger.

http://www.christinehmcconnell.com/ http://instagram.com/christinehmcconnell/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christine-H-McConnell/144386885580944

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